SaskTel will charge for email services in April, will not issue new email addresses | CBC News

In April, SaskTel e-mail addresses is not going to be obtainable to new subscribers and present web clients will see a brand new payment on their invoice.

Crown-owned telecommunications agency will cost $1.95 per 30 days per handle for all current sasktel.web e-mail addresses. SaskTel additionally posted on its site that as of January 19, they stopped offering e-mail addresses to new subscribers.

“The industry has changed since SaskTel introduced free email many years ago, and the cost of providing free email services is no longer justified,” an announcement on its web site stated.

SaskTel says it is making modifications as a result of there are a lot of free companies obtainable.

David Gerhard, head of the Department of Computer Science on the University of Manitoba, says that for smaller e-mail companies like SaskTel, offering e-mail addresses could be costlier than for bigger companies like Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo.

“If you use millions or billions of email addresses, the extra cost per email address means next to nothing,” Gerhard stated. “So if the number of people using email addresses through SaskTel decreases, then the cost per email address will increase.”

David Gerhard, head of the Department of Computer Science on the University of Manitoba, says the best way SaskTel delivers e-mail could be costlier than cloud companies. (University of Manitoba)

SaskTel is a direct provider, which implies they do not purchase from cloud companies.

“They build it themselves and maintain it themselves, which is a more expensive way of doing things,” Gerhard stated.

Gerhard stated software program as a service mannequin is the extra trendy method to ship e-mail companies. Services like Gmail pay for software program for the cloud service fairly than constructing their very own servers and growing them themselves.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if other organizations that used to deliver direct email start moving to software as a service,” Gerhard stated.

“Or if they have to build it themselves, [they would] start charging more money for it.”

An inconvenience for SaskTel e-mail customers

Gerhard stated there are prone to be some annoyed clients who use e-mail as a type of communication for work and mates.

“So if SaskTel changes the way they handle email and decides to move to something like Gmail, they will have to tell everyone to stop using that email address,” Gerhard stated.

“It may be too much of an inconvenience for some people and they may decide to start paying the money anyway.”

SaskTel says they’re informing clients about service modifications.

“SaskTel understands how important email accounts and addresses can be to some, and in order to provide customers with sufficient notice of this planned rate change, SaskTel has begun communicating with affected customers,” SaskTel stated in a press release emailed to CBC.

If you are contemplating switching e-mail suppliers from SaskTel, Gerhard suggests telling your contacts your new e-mail handle, establishing a forwarding system to your new e-mail, and downloading all of your emails so you’ve got a replica of them.

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